Thank you for your interest in SUCCESSOIL Select. By opting to use SUCCESSOIL in your interior landscape plantings, you will be joining many other satisfied customers who have had successful installations using SUCCESSOIL. Whether your installation is large or small, SUCCESSOIL can help make it more successful by giving the plants

a growing media that is second to none.

It is like building a house.

To build successfully, you need a good foundation on which to build otherwise it really does not matter what is on top. Using SUCCESSOIL for your interior landscape media is much the same. SUCCESSOIL provides a good foundation upon which to create the schemes we are proud to produce and maintain.

You may be wondering, “Why all the fuss about the growing media?” There is a difference. While SUCCESSOIL is not the least expensive growing media on the market, in the long run it may actually save you money. In the text that follows, we will attempt to explain to you why SUCCESSOIL is the best interior landscape media on the market and why it should be a constant part of your installation package.


SUCCESSOIL uses only the finest ingredients in our

proprietary mixture. Among the ingredients for the West

Coast Mix, we use a blend of Canadian peat moss, volcanic

rock, ground and coarser fir bark, and washed plaster sand.

Along with this we add a light fertilizer charge of 90 to 120-day

release fertilizer to help the plants survive the rigors associated

with the trip, installation and initial acclimatization.


SUCCESSOIL typically comes 40 bags per pallet. This allows

you to have fresh soil at your location. SUCCESSOIL is made

in Florida and California (West Coast mix.) This allows you to

combine your soil shipping with your plant orders. You no

longer have to wait until you need a truckload or wait until the

manufacturer has a truck heading to your area with room

available. You can buy it as you need it. Bulk load deliveries

also can be arranged.


SUCCESSOIL was developed by Phil Cialone and Fred Briese

who bring a combined 40 plus years of experience in the

nursery and interior landscape industry. Using this

experience, SUCCESSOIL was developed to be compatible

with most soil mixes used by foliage growers as well as serve

the needs of the plants in an interior situation.

Less Compacting:

SUCCESSOIL has a compaction rate of about 15% at a

moisture level of 20% of field capacity. This allows you to

order less soil than you may ordinarily order using other

interior landscape media that may exhibit compaction rates

near 25% - 30%. When you take this into account, the price of

SUCCESSOIL becomes competitive with the other types of

interior landscape media.

Good Bulk Density:

Have you ever planted a specimen plant in a planter bed one

day only to return the next day to find it listing very badly? If

you have, then SUCCESSOIL is for you. With our ingredients

blended in the proper proportions, we provide enough bulk

density in the media to minimize this problem.


SUCCESSOIL’s natural capillary action makes it an ideal

planting media for projects in which you may elect to use sub-


Other Benefits:

SUCCESSOIL offers many other benefits as well. Among

them are a high cation exchange capacity and high percolation

rate. SUCCESSOIL also comes pre-moistened. This helps to

reduce the dust clouds associated with emptying the bags,

thereby reducing clean-up and keeping clients happy with the

reduced mess. SUCCESSOIL ships normally with a pH of

6.8 – 7.2. We can adjust this to suit your specific needs if you



SUCCESSOIL is packaged in 2 cubic foot bags. Each bag of

the West Coast Mix weighs approximately 56 to 60 pounds (28

to 30 PCF.) Saturated weight is estimated to be about 55 PCF.

California & West Coast Customers:

Contact our distributor for pricing information



ARLETA, CA 91331

PHONE: 818-899-0977

FAX: 818-899-6857



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